Unigel (UK) Limited is a leading global pioneer in the formulation, production, and marketing of Thixotropic Gel for use in the manufacturing of fibre optic cable and cable systems. Unigel was founded in 1995 in East Sussex, UK and export its products to over 40 countries around the world.  The Company ships its products from 3 global manufacturing sites—UK, USA, and Malaysia to over 100 customers worldwide. Other industry applications for the Company’s Thixotropic Gel products include construction and infrastructure, power transmission and corrosion protection.

The Company leads its industry in technological innovation with many industry firsts—including the use of specialty polymers in formulation, multi-purpose low density gel utilising polymeric microspheres, and the increasing use of environmentally friendly, green and renewable materials in our product formulation.

The global fibre optic cable market is expected to grow 6.3% per annum over the period of 2022 - 2028, and Unigel is well positioned to grow its business in tandem with the expected market growth of its products.